FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Websites can be intimidating without the proper understanding of what they can
do for you as a small business. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked
questions by customers here at DB Web Consultants.Feel free to contact us with any
further questions to help us get your website off the ground!

What is a website and what is this internet thing that everybody is ``connected`` to?

The internet is most simply a vast web of interconnected information. In very, very basic terms information, images, audio, video and other mediums on every topic that is conceived by man is “virtually” stored in specific computer languages, known as coding, on big computer hard drives known as servers.

By directing an internet browser like the one you are on now to a specific index within the World Wide Web you are able to graphically interpret information on every topic from surfing to outdoor tomato farms and much more in all directions. The coding specifics of the web are much more complicated than can be explained in five sentences, but it is important to know what you are getting into.

Why do I need a website?

Plain and simply, the internet is the strongest and most efficient medium currently available for a small business, organization, cause or other entity to reach direct customers, supporters, and fans of your idea, product or service. The internet allows you as a business to grow from the ground up, from the cultivation of local support to the ability to reach customers across the globe with an accurate depiction of why they should use your business to fulfill their needs.

In the past people used the Yellow Pages to contact businesses for specific services and products. In today’s world, a website is a must for any small business to connect to potential, existing and current clients and customers.

How long can I expect my website build to take?

The time that it take to build a custom web presence for your business is dependent on the scale and scope of your online goals and objectives. Respectfully, if a project has a basic design, modest features and little to no SEO & Online Marketing, it will take considerably less time to develop than a project with 50 pages, custom e-commerce functionality and advanced SEO & Marketing campaigns.

All of our projects are developed under completely custom design proposals. Let us customize an online plan to exceed your online expectations today.

Why do I need a Blog?

At DBWEB Consultants, we provide Blog creation as part of our A la Carte web design services. A blog is a great way for you to consistently update users of your website as to recent events, news, promotions and further information about your business. A blog also creates an RSS feed for your business which can be subscribed to by customers from around the globe. In addition, a Blog does a great job of bringing your site to life, while connecting you to your web page in order to set your business’ best foot forward.

In recent years, changes to SEO algorithms has placed higher and higher importance on the need for fresh content on small business web presences. A blog allows you and your business to publish recent updates that are happening on a regular basis at your company. This fresh content not only serves to keep your message up-to-date, but also provides new and exciting content that search engines will index to further increase your business’ online reach and engagement.

What's so special about Social Networking?

In recent years social networking (sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) have sparked a social revolution of inter-connectedness. For small businesses, these sites provide a unique opportunity to reach a broad segment of your possible customers. The other great feature of social networking is that in today’s day and age interconnecting different social networking accounts can help you efficiently take advantage of a wide variety of small business expansion options. Social Networking also works great with a Blog. Hooking into social networking with your small business website is easy, just contact DBWEB Consultants today!

Who develops all the content that my customers will read online?

You DO!!!! We assume that you know how best to shed positive light on your own small business. As such, DBWEB Consultants assumes that you will put together all the content (including text and pictures) about your website. Once you have it in a text document, you will send the content to us at Dbweb via email. From there we can initiate your web build and make your content look great on any web medium!

What If I don't have the time or the skill to develop good content for my website?

No need to worry! Dbweb happily provides both content editing services and content creation services. Check out our Content Services page for more information about how Dbweb can help you maximize your website’s potential.

What's a domain name? And why do I need one?

A website’s domain name is its unique web location. Sort of like your website’s address. The domain is usually “yourbusiness.com” but could be anything imaginable that is not already owned by another user on the net. In order to have your website code active online so you can have visitors to your website, you must purchase a domain address. The domain gives you access to place your information at the specified address so that internet users can view your web presence. Domain names are fairly cheap but must be renewed annually to keep your site live at its specific address. Click here to learn more about Domain Services.

Whose name will my website be listed under for Domain Registration?

At Dbweb, any web-build is registered with our third party vendors with your name on the ownership of the website. With registration of your domain name we will need your company information including a business address and valid email address. Domain registration is submit to the public “Who-is” database for Domain Registration. Please be sure that the information that you submit to us is what you wish to appear in the public “Who-is” database. For more information, or to inquire about private registration please Contact Us

What about hosting? Is it necessary for me to have?

Yes hosting is imperative for any website. Hosting stores your web site information on a server that is set-up to transmit and hold information for web-pages on the internet. In very simple terms it is the rent that you as a website must pay the internet for the space that your site holds. Without hosting, your website would be a collection of source code without anything to connect to. At Dbweb, we provide Hosting Services for our clients. Dbweb can help with your hosting or we will happily give you the code for your website that you can use elsewhere.

My last website was hard to manage...will my revamped site be as well?

At DBWEB Consultants, we build websites with powerful CMS softwares that are on the cutting-edge of today’s website technology. All of our sites utilize robust management tools that are both user friendly and easy to update by anyone on your staff.

We also offer top of the line support for every online project and have a host of other resources for our valued clientele.

Looking to increase your business productivity? Upgrade your web technology to modern standards and take advantage of a host of powerful tools for the digital business owner.

DBWEBCONSULTANTS is happy to answer any of your questions!

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